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Gutsy, gritty and grabbing is the way I would describe the Shotgun Jazz Band... straight-ahead New Orleans jazz of the first order—no tricks or gimmicks here”
— Steve Steinberg, Offbeat Magazine

Live at The Dew Drop

Shotgun Jazz Band, 2018

  1. Streets of the City
  2. At a Georgia Camp Meeting
  3. The Song Has Ended (but the Melody Lingers On)
  4. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
  5. Nothing Can Change This Love I Have For You
  6. Clarinet Marmalade
  7. Hesitation Blues
  8. Somebody Stole My Gal
  9. In the Garden
  10. Got My Mojo Working
  11. Original Dixieland One-Step
  12. Why?
  13. Lord, Lord, Lord
  14. Old Fashioned Love
  15. Root, Hog, or Die
  16. When Things Go Wrong
  17. Sweet Substitute
  18. You Always Hurt The One You Love
  19. Home

Recorded March 18th, 2017 at the historic Dew Drop Jazz & Social Hall in Mandeville, LA, this album showcases many tunes that the band plays live but has yet recorded in the studio.

Marla Dixon - Trumpet & Vocals
James Evans - C-Melody Saxophone, Clarinet, & Vocals
Tom Fischer - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Charlie Halloran - Trampagne & Vocals
Ben Polcer - Piano, Trumpet, & Vocals
Twerk Thomson - Bass & Vocals
John Dixon - Banjo

Steppin On The Gas

Shotgun Jazz Band, 2017

  1. Gulf Coast Blues
  2. White Ghost Shivers
  3. How Am I to Know?
  4. She's Crying For Me
  5. Moonlight Bay
  6. Smiles
  7. I Hate a Man Like You
  8. Down By The Riverside
  9. Whenever You’re Lonesome
  10. Rose Of Bombay
  11. Breeze
  12. Curse Of An Aching Heart
  13. Old Miss Rag
  14. Pretend
  15. Old Kentucky Home
  16. Guilty
  17. Steppin On The Gas
  18. Deep River

"The six selections with an expanded front line: WHITE GHOST SHIVERS, SHE’S CRYING FOR ME,  DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE, OLE MISS RAG, GUILTY, STEPPIN ON THE GAS — adding Ben Polcer, trumpet; Tom Fischer, clarinet and alto saxophone — are extraordinary examples of ensemble playing that borders on the ecstatic while being expertly under control — a paradox when seen on the page, but completely understandable when heard.

If someone asks you what hot jazz sounds like in this century, or tells you that New Orleans jazz no longer exists, or that swing is a dying phenomenon — play that misguided soul STEPPIN ON THE GAS.  I would."

– Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives, April 4, 2017


Shotgun Jazz Band, 2014

  1. I Believe I Can Make It by Myself
  2. You Always Hurt the One You Love
  3. Get a Working Man
  4. Tears
  5. Dream
  6. Yearning Just for You
  7. Hindustan
  8. He’ll Have to Go
  9. Over in the Glory Land
  10. I Love You So Much It Hurts Me
  11. Kentucky Blues
  12. Love in Bloom
  13. Mobile Stomp
  14. You Broke Your Promise
  15. Tennessee Waltz
  16. I’ll See You in My Dreams

"...Everyone in the band is at the top of their form through all 16 of these delightful cuts. Trumpeter Marla Dixon is exciting as usual as one of the dozen or so women around playing first-class jazz on a horn... Charlie Halloran’s gut-bucket trombone is a perfect match in the front line, along with the moaning saxophone and Dodds-like clarinet of James Evans."

— Steve Steinberg, Yearning Review, Offbeat Magazine, December 2014

Don’t Give Up The Ship

Shotgun Jazz Band, 2013

  1. Old Man Mose
  2. Girl, You Better Use Your Head
  3. Creole Song (C’est L’autre Cancan)
  4. Lead Me, Savior
  5. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
  6. All the Whores
  7. Indian Sagua
  8. Salutation March
  9. Weed Smoker’s Dream
  10. Release Me
  11. Short Dress Gal
  12. Silver Bell
  13. What’ll I Do?
  14. When You and I Were Young, Maggie
  15. Raining In My Heart
  16. Don’t Give Up the Ship

"The Shotgun Jazz Band plays with a certain attitude that is right on and refreshing. It’s edgy but not off-putting. Many times you hear traditional jazz done with the attitude that panders to the tourists and has the vibe of “Really, in the grand scheme of things, nobody likes this music so please like us.” The Shotgun Jazz Band has a little more punk rock that comes off as “We know we’re good and this is great music, so if you don’t, tough luck.”

— David Kunian, Don't Give Up The Ship Review, Offbeat Magazine, 2014

Seems Like Old Times

Barry Martyn Presents, 2013

  1. Sing On
  2. Seems Like Old Times
  3. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
  4. Oriental Man
  5. Swanee River
  6. DMF Blues
  7. Anytime
  8. Houma, LA
  9. Raining In My Heart
  10. Beautiful Doll
  11. Big Butter and Egg Man
  12. Crazy
  13. Love Songs Of The Nile
  14. Marie

One Drink Minimum

Shotgun Jazz Band, 2012

  1. Introduction
  2. Girl of My Dreams
  3. Bogalusa Strut
  4. Careless Love
  5. That’s A Plenty
  6. Tishomingo Blues
  7. Washington and Lee Swing
  8. Willie the Weeper
  9. Sheik of Araby
  10. You Tell Me Your Dreams
  11. Algiers Strut
  12. Peoria
  13. Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning

Algiers Strut

Shotgun Jazz Band, 2011

  1. Algiers Strut
  2. True (You Don’t Love Me)
  3. I Can’t Escape From You
  4. Confessin’
  5. Climax Rag
  6. On A Coconut Island
  7. Weary Blues
  8. C’est Si Bon
  9. Mama's Gone Goodbye
  10. Siboney
  11. Oriental Man
  12. Love Song of The Nile
  13. Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula