Shotgun Jazz Band

Shotgun Jazz Band plays Traditional New Orleans Jazz - Music for Good Times.

Marla Dixon’s uncommon and exuberant spirit, which comes through in both her trumpet playing and spectacular singing, is so forceful that she immediately dominates any context she appears in, not unlike Kid Thomas Valentine. When she leads, it’s always about groove and feeling and, no matter who’s in the band, it’s her spirit that prevails, and the results are always exciting.
— Orange Kellin, Clarinetist & Bandleader

Shotgun Jazz Band plays Traditional New Orleans Jazz
in the spirit of the great Revivalists.

Emphasizing old New Orleans-style ensemble playing, a stomping rhythm section, and a genuine love of the hot, bluesy, no-frills melodies that once poured forth from New Orleans’ dance halls, Shotgun Jazz Band makes music that is both immediate in its influences and timeless in its appeal.