The Shotgun Jazz Band plays with a certain attitude that is right on and refreshing. It’s edgy but not off-putting. Many times you hear traditional jazz done with the attitude that panders to the tourists and has the vibe of “Really, in the grand scheme of things, nobody likes this music so please like us.” The Shotgun Jazz Band has a little more punk rock that comes off as “We know we’re good and this is great music, so if you don’t, tough luck.”
— David Kunian, Offbeat Magazine, 2014

  1. I Believe I Can Make It by Myself 06:30
  2. You Always Hurt the One You Love 03:31
  3. Get a Working Man 04:24
  4. Tears 03:42
  5. Dream 03:51
  6. Yearning Just for You 03:14
  7. Hindustan 05:09
  8. He'll Have to Go 05:34
  9. Over in the Glory Land 06:10
  10. I Love You So Much It Hurts Me 04:56
  11. Kentucky Blues 05:16
  12. Love in Bloom 03:35
  13. Mobile Stomp 04:43
  14. You Broke Your Promise 03:22
  15. Tennessee Waltz 05:23
  16. I'll See You in My Dreams 04:13
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One Drink Minimum

Shotgun Jazz Band, 2012

  1. Introduction
  2. Girl of My Dreams
  3. Bogalusa Strut
  4. Careless Love
  5. That’s A Plenty
  6. Tishomingo Blues
  7. Washington and Lee Swing
  8. Willie the Weeper
  9. Sheik of Araby
  10. You Tell Me Your Dreams
  11. Algiers Strut
  12. Peoria
  13. Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning